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As a climber, I am privileged to visit very special places that most people will not experience. Climbing has found me in incredible places from my own backyard in the Canadian Rockies to the greater ranges in Alaska, St. Elias and the Himalaya.

While many of my photos are of climbers and the sport, there is nothing more beautiful than a simple mountain landscape. There is something magical and mesmerizing about a rugged skyline jutting into the swirling clouds. The colours and contrast of winter are especially alluring to me. Each mountain has a personality and a story to tell. My goal is to capture that story at that moment in time. I hope you enjoy my view of the (often vertical) world.

I would love to hear from you, drop me a comment or an email!

All of my work is available for print or licensing.  Contact me if you don't see something you're after or need a custom print.

  • Cinthia Nemoto

    on October 6, 2017

    Hi there, we are at the Good Earth Cafe in Canmore and we saw the beautiful mountain landscape pictures you've taken. We would be interested in the high gloss metal print, not sure which picture (so hard to choose!) size about 45" length (horizontal) by whatever the picture's height. How much that would be? Are you in Canmore? Thanks!

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